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Brave New World, Prologue

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Welcome to Post 1 for A Brave New World. This is the first of the Realms Beyond Civ IV adventures. The specific rules of this game are viewable in the link, but in a nutshell the idea is this:

We are playing on a Terra map, which places all of the competing civilizations on one large continent (The Old World) and leaves all other landmasses unoccupied, to eventually be taken over by barbarians. Racist? Yes. Oh well, no points for etiquette on this one. The goal of this adventure (besides winning) is to be the most imperialist of the old world powers (i.e. control more of the new world than anyone else). This goal will be met in two ways: 1) be the first old world power to reach and conquer barbarian cities in the New World, and 2) wage war on those who dare to set up their own footholds on my land.

We are playing this adventure as Victoria, who is Expansive and Financial. Expansive = +2 health per city and double speed production of granaries (more health, quicker city growth) and harbours (yet more health, more monies from trade routes). Financial = +1 gold on any tile that produces 2 or more gold and double speed banks. The gold boost doesn’t really kick in early unless the player starts on a river or builds cottages ASAP, but it really helps with the research once it does kick in.

The English special unit is the Redcoat, who replaces the Rifleman. The Redcoat is great against Musketmen and other Riflemen, as it gets an inherent 25% bonus against other gunpowder units. Needless to say, it cuts like a knife through butter on pre-gunpowder units (as do most other post-gunpowder units). I don’t know what era most of the fighting will take place in during this game…I’ll have to wait and see.

Starting area for Victoria's English...The Fighting English!

So what’s the plan? Considering the goal of this scenario, I probably should try to research Optics and Astronomy as quickly as possible in order to build Caravels and Galleons. That will require a number of prerequisites and a decent early science rate, which will be delivered through pottery (cottages) and writing (libraries). I’m not certain how important early military techs will be, but I will want to leverage the woods around London and the nice population boosts given by the wheat and the pigs. So the early research will be agriculture (wheat) -> animal husbandry (pigs) -> bronze working (chopping + the whip!) -> pottery -> writing (libraries). After that, the beeline to Astronomy? We’ll see.


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April 29, 2010 at 12:06 pm

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