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Brave New World, part 3

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State of the nation – 1000 AD

When I left off last time, the year was 1000 AD, and my English were wondering why they never got to fight anyone. The soccer hooligans want to be unleashed! Patience, my drunk friends, patience…

Non-violent things are happening at a quick pace in jolly old England. In 1040, I discover printing press (which boosts finances a bit) and then two turns later, a somewhat unlikely great engineer (Archimedes) is born in London. I used him to pop another high-culture wonder in York: the Parthenon. In 1070 AD! That’s crazy late, for those keeping track. I’m still continuing down the line towards rifling. In retrospect, I probably should have built a bunch of macemen 2000 years ago and used them to seek out new tribes, but I wanted England’s special unit. Silliness, really.

Come pilgrims! Don't forget to pay homage at the collection box on your way out!

In 1110, my first prophet finally emerges in York (Zoraoster). Yay money! I’ve been spreading Confucianism to every city I can, but Isabella just won’t convert, despite actually having more Confucian cities than Hindu. My wandering Galleons meet up a couple turns later, giving me the circumnavigation bonus (+1 sea movement), and then in 1070 I achieve the pinnacle of English military technology…Rifling. In 1210, I get another Great Engineer (Heron), and in 1220 I discover Economics, grabbing the free Great Merchant there (Harkuf). Harkuf joins Nottingham, which is destined to become my Wall Street economic city and is a little food short. Two birds, one stone. Meanwhile, Heron sits on his hands for a couple of turns, in order to build this:

Taj Mahal

Golden age! The perfect time to make a bunch of redcoats. Immediately afterwards, I get a Great Scientist in London, who merges with that city (home of Oxford University, strangely). Liberalism is finally researched in 1290 AD, and I grab Constitution with it. I’m now setting up a bee-line to biology in order to grow my population. Given the goal of this game, I think the easiest victory condition to meet will be through convincing my Cockney hordes to install me as the world leader (UN voting victory). Population is the key to doing so.

In 1350, my golden age ends, so I swap civics to Representation and Free Speech.

The barbarians have longbows! I expected archers. Will redcoats kill longbows?

Of course they will! Silly question. In the battle of guns vs bows, I want to be on the side with the guns.

I would culture bomb Minoan with my lazy yet long-lived Great Artist from BC times. There were only three barbarian cities on the continent, and I lost only one rifleman taking them all in the name of stiff upper lips. After taking the third city, I noticed an Indian caravel! They have optics! This is a good time to go settler crazy and take the rest of the dirt piles sticking out of the ocean. Not much interesting is happening at this point in the game, I’m just making settlers, redcoats (garrisons), and missionaries to send to various islands around the world. The bee-line to biology finishes at 1490, and I set up what I hope will be the final bee-line of the game -> towards mass media.

This brings me to 1500, and a good time to pause.


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May 6, 2010 at 3:35 am

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Brave New World, part 2

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Let’s start with a view of my civilization at 25 AD:

My sad little empire

I am working on the Oracle at York (at 25 AD! This is a gentle adventure for sure.), the Great Library in London, a Confucian missionary in Nottingham (did I mention that I founded Confucianism? Well I did. I haven’t switched to it yet to avoid conflict with Isabella.), forges and libraries. My immediate goals are to settle the two small islands just off the ‘home’ continent before anyone else’s culture makes them verboten to me. You can’t see in the above screenshot, but there’s an island off the north coast that my ancient exploring chariot uncovered for me. Civil Service will come in soon, allowing chain irrigation for Hastings which is a little food-starved.

When I switch to bureaucracy after discovering civil service, I will also switch to caste system. I anticipate that my new island cities will need culture immediately in order to pop and hold their borders. I will hire artists right away in most of my new cities to make this happen. This also means that mercantilism will be a strong civic, as mercanilism gives each city a free specialist, so I won’t have to starve new cities to hire the artist. Luckily, banking is on the road to rifling, which is my next immediate research goal after astronomy. I’ll probably grab philosophy on the way, too, because the combination of caste system-mercantilism-pacifism works pretty well, and great people never hurt the cause. I’d like to grab constitution at some point, too, just to add republic to the mix of civics above. That’s not really on any of my immediate bee-line goals now, though. I really should have built the pyramids earlier, given my opponents lack of wonder interest. Oh well, too late now.

On to the play:

Ha! Oracle in 125 AD. I'm sure I've never grabbed this wonder so late ever before.

In 125 AD, I finished the Oracle and used it to grab Astronomy, nullifying the Colossus. It was a cheap wonder anyway, but probably a waste of hammers, had I thought about it a bit longer. I’m now building a galleon in York and a settler in Nottingham. Let the colonization begin!

Civil Service comes in at 150 AD, and I duly switch civics to bureaucracy-caste system. I’m now setting up a bee-line to liberalism, but I will hold off researching liberalism itself until I can grab something expensive with it (Constitution?). I’ve been careless with my micromanagement and allowed London to grow into unhappiness/unhealthiness. It’s only a temporary problem, as I’ll have furs hooked up in a couple of turns and have switched London to an aqueduct, but it was a little careless.

In 200 AD, Xi Ling Shi is born in London (a great scientist). I use him for an academy. In ~400 AD, my first overseas settlers complete in Nottingham along with my first galleon in York. York has reached it’s health cap, so I’m working a priest there in the hopes of eventually generating a prophet, because I want the Confucian shrine (and profit! See what I did there?).

Yay - my first colony - 520 AD

This is probably very late, but I still beat all the AI civs to this little island. I also won the race to the other nearby island at 660 AD. They were both reachable by galleys…there’s no way I would’ve been able to claim them this late at any difficulty level higher than warlord.

Newcastle founded

More late wonders

I finished the Great Library in 780, and set towards making muskets, more settlers, and more galleons in my mature cities while the less mature ones were building infrastructure. In 820, Imhotep (a great engineer) was born in London. I made the bizarre decision to use him to build Angkor Wat in York, for two reasons. First off, I needed a wonder in York to battle Madrid’s holy city culture. Secondly, I still want a great prophet, and Angkor Wat allows it’s home city to work three priests, as well as making all priest better than engineers (priests produce 2 hammers and 1 gold while Angkor is still active).

In 920, I finish researching banking (which is on the line to rifling, strangely), and double swap civics to pacifism and mercantilism. I also received a nice surprise:

Popped another one! (tm)

Yay! Happiness reigns! I think my core cities can now get up to size 15-16 at this point. On another note, my wandering first galleon has discovered six more island city sites further north that really want to be settled, even though they are resource-poor. I will get crabs out of one of them, for more health. I’ve never heard of crabs making anyone healthier before, but that’s neither here nor there.

State of the nation - 1000 AD

So this is where I sit at 1000 AD. I have two island colonies, with room for ~6 in the north islands. None of my AI opponents have astronomy yet, though, so I can leave those islands alone for a bit. I need to find the other main continent and kick the peaceful natives warlike barbarians out of their homes. I will have rifling very soon, and in the interest of historical accuracy (apart from being a few centuries early), my colonists will be comprised of Redcoats, workers, and maybe a Great Artist or two. Go team red!

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