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Brave New World, conclusion

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Well, this was bound to happen…

I finished this game a few weeks ago, but didn’t post right away. My screencaps are gone. 😦 Boo-urns!

I can recap however:

After 1500 A.D., I had to deal with a couple of foreign infestations in the New World…namely a colony of India and a colony of Russia. This wasn’t a problem militarily, as my English were technologically advanced (Redcoats vs. Longbowmen) and I had a large army. It was a problem diplomatically, however, as my painstaking efforts to get them to like me (and vote for me in the UN elections) went down the tubes after I declared my petty little wars. Nevertheless, I pressed on with my victory strategy, and basically went 100% growth in all my cities in order to vote myself the Grand Pupa of Civland. This required a lot of tedium, a lot of farms, windmills, granaries, lighthouses, and temples. Most of which were cash-rushed in Universal Suffrage with the money slider at 100% (I didn’t need any techs beyond Biology + Mass Media if I wasn’t going into space).

The tedium paid off in 1848 AD with a Diplomatic Victory. Huzzah! I controlled every piece of land outside of the starting continent, thanks to a bunch of mostly useless island cities up north. I did have four artists working in Nottingham to control a cultural border (and was also transforming my hammers into culture), and thankfully that border kicked over to the good guys four turns before I won the game. Here are a couple of end game pics:

The pen is mightier than the sword! Thanks to my census data, that is.


So now what?

Stay tuned!


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June 15, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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